Totem 6.2

Conduct interviews and collect life stories. Use your webcam. Its easy and fun

Totem transforms a personal computer and an inexpensive web-cam or video camera into an efficient system for conducting interviews and creating multimedia biographies. Now there is an easy, effective way to record your thoughts and feelings, and those of treasured family members, so they won't be lost as time goes by. The software enables many people to share the same computer and record video, audio, and image files directly to it.

Totem eliminates all the difficulties so there are no tapes to digitize, review, or transcribe. Everything is contained on the computer. Each interviewer has a password-protected account allowing the system to be easily administrated. Organizing collected information is simple. Once recorded, video, audio, image, and files can be edited and described with keywords making them easy to search and sort. When it comes time to share, entire collections or individual files can be distributed along with Totems free media player. Thanks to Totem, creating multimedia biographies and managing large or small-scale documentation projects is now more affordable and easier than ever.

Totem is easy-to-use and intuitive. It includes hundreds of free questions designed to help you conduct thorough and meaningful interviews. Creating a customized list of your own interview questions is also possible. The user can browse questions and make note of memorable annecdotes while recording video, audio, and image files. It's that easy!

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